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Submission Deadline

The Challenge

The Prospect Generator Challenge is a “Sharks Tank” style live event to be held during the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention. The goal is to get students and early-career geoscientists excited about the mineral exploration industry, to create jobs for students and early-career geoscientists in this sector, and to educate the general public about how this industry is evolving and improving. This Challenge is a catalyst to springboard the mineral exploration industry into a generation of renewed growth by bridging the gap between academia and industry, and by nurturing socially conscious entrepreneurs who want their mineral projects to have a sustainable benefit for all stake holders.

Key Dates

Saturday, February 9, 2019, 11:59 pm EST (8:59 pm PST) – Submission Deadline

Monday, February 18, 2019 – Finalists notified

Sunday, March 3, 2019 – Finalists Pitch to Expert Panel


Cash prizes (Canadian Dollars) will be awarded to the top 3 teams:

  • 1st place: $1,000 & funding for up to $10,000 work from Transition Metals
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place: $300

Finalists proposed project sites on open ground may be staked by Next Gen Geo, in which case the team involved with the proposal will be awarded 25% of the first tranche of any cash payment received if the property is optioned within 2 years. Finalists who have staked their project sites will have the opportunity to negotiate with Next Gen Geo and other investors for potential investment. See Rules for full terms and conditions.

Apart from the potential financial rewards, the opportunities offered by this challenge are substantial, including:

  • Significant networking opportunity
  • Distinction from other students at the conference by showing your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for mineral exploration


Other Benefits

The Challenge will teach participants about how to generate and evaluate mineral exploration targets and how to pitch their exploration ideas to investors. Participants will learn to interpret different types of geoscience data, they will deepen their understanding of various mineral deposit models, they will gain a practical understanding of government mineral claim systems, and will get an introductory understanding of mining deal terms. Those teams who make it to the finals will be provided with support and guidance in how to apply for various grants and other sources of money to fund exploration in Canada.

Example Pitch Video

How to get started?

You can browse through our ever-growing list of resources below (we recommend checking out our guides for Ontario and Quebec first). Finding an interesting mineral exploration target requires a combination of hard work and good luck! Most Provinces & Territories have a system that will show you where mineral claims are located as well as other data such as mineral occurrences, drill holes, geology, geophysics, etc. As you look at the various datasets in an area think about how they are connected and how that relates to the story you’re building. Our team is happy to provide support and answer questions. While our website only provides links to Canadian resources, you are welcome to explore anywhere in the world. 

If you are located near Toronto a great way to get started is to come out to one of our Mineral Exploration Group meetings – check Eventbrite to find out when the next one will be. If you are not in Toronto you can still participate by emailing us. If you’re really passionate about what we’re doing we can even help you set up a local group for like-minded people to collaborate on a submission.

We estimate that it would take approximately 30-40 hours of work from start to finish for a team to put together a submission for the Challenge. This includes the time it would take to familiarize yourself with one of the Provincial geoscience databases and mineral tenure systems, to browse through the data and find a few interesting targets, to narrow down to the one you want to focus on and to build the case for it in the form of the presentation and supporting documents required for submission. Finding teammates to work with will make the project quicker and more fun!

The Expert Panel

Vincent Dubé-Bourgeois, COO & Director, Goldspot
Siri C. Genik, Principal, BRIDGE
Drake Hyden, MSc Candidate, Laurentian University
Scott McLean, President & CEO, Transition Metals
Angelina Mehta, Senior Mining Advisor, Paradigm Capital
Miranda J. Werstiuk, Senior Vice-President, IBK Capital Corp
Stan Wholley, President - Americas, CSA Global

Submission Information

Submissions will be accepted by email at until Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 at 11:59 pm (EST). Late submissions will not be accepted.

Submission Requirements

  1. Download Submission Form. Have each team member fill it out and attach all forms to your submission email.
  2. Report submission PDF
    •  Maximum of six 8.5” by 11” pages; minimum 12-point font size; minimum margins are one inch; text in tables and figures may be as small as 9 points.
    • Emailed as a single unlocked PDF document or link to document stored in the cloud, 20 MB maximum. Embedded hyperlinks to external content can be included but may not be reviewed.
  3. A MAXIMUM 10-minute pitch video uploaded to YouTube as a private video and shared with
  4. Recommended: 1-page annotated list of supplementary data with links to reports/data sources

The report submission must include the following within the six-page limit and follow this template:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Brief Biographies of the Team
  3. Claim/Mineral Tenure map showing open ground where you propose staking or showing that you have already staked the claims yourself
  4. Explanation of why you think this land is worth staking
  5. Proposal for what work you would do there this summer to test your hypothesis and add value to the project 


Please direct any requests for information to