The idea for Next Gen Geo came out of the frustration of a few young geoscientists who had the misfortune of graduating in the bottom of the commodity cycle. Jobs were scarce but our group didn’t want to give up on the dream of a career in the natural resource sector. One of the really great things about our industry are the stories you hear. Many of our group would be individually meeting various industry gems and hearing their stories over a coffee… then we had the idea of having a seminar where our whole group could hear the story over a beer! Needless to say, it was a popular idea and Next Gen Geo was born.

Our Team


Jamal is a problem solver who is passionate about mining and mineral exploration. He did his BSc at the University of Waterloo in Science and Business (Earth Science Specialization) and his MSc at the State University of New York in Geosciences (Volcanology). He is interested in innovation and is excited about the future of the industry.


Tomas has traveled around the world to pursue his geological dreams, from Norway to Australia, and now Canada. He did his BSc at Curtin University in Applied Geology and he is deeply interested in Cu and Ni deposits. The Next Gen Geo Mineral Exploration Training workshops are something he looks forward to every week and he loves getting out into the bush for field work.


Shuda completed his BSc at the China University of Geosciences in Geology and his MSc at the University of Windsor in Geochemistry. He’s registered as a Professional Geoscientist and he is very interested in the application of Machine Learning to improve exploration workflows.

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