Next Gen Geo is a non-profit organization with a mission to support the development of students and early-career geoscientists who are interested in mining and mineral exploration. We run several innovative programs to this end. Learn about our programs below.

CREATE YOUR OWN SUMMER JOB!!! Learn how to generate and evaluate mineral exploration targets. Learn how to pitch your ideas to investors. Submit your recorded pitch by January 24, 2020. The top teams will be invited to pitch their exploration idea to a panel of industry experts at the PDAC Convention on Saturday, February 28th.

Distinguished industry professionals share their wisdom on a variety of topics relevant to our industry, bridging the gap with  academia. 

Work-able Workshops

Gain practical skills that you can confidently put on your resume! Past workshops include core logging, 3D geological modeling, and digitizing geological maps.

Mining Analysis Group

How do the hot shots on Bay Street figure out which stocks to buy and which to short? Each meeting will be a deep dive into a mining/exploration company that will teach you the fundamentals of mining analysis in context, with a side of colourful discussion.

The way exploration is being done is changing rapidly, and big data is at the forefront of this revolution. The purpose of this group is to prepare young geos for the jobs of the future by inspiring, advancing knowledge, and promoting hands-on experience in machine learning within our community. We will host machine learning related presentations and work together on mining-related data science projects.

Modeled after a pub crawl, for geologists who are thirsty for knowledge! We’ll take you on a tour of a few mining/exploration companies in downtown Toronto, where you will learn about some of their cool projects and meet their team!

We are in the process of updating our website – come back soon for more info on our programs!



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